The iconic Maracana Stadium in Rio sz Janeiro has been transformed into the site of a field hostpital that, however, due to a severe shortage of supplies is threatened to never be fully operational. 
Brazil is noz the second country with the most cases of Covid-19. The country is "governed" by the most openly incompetent and worrying figure of the current political Latin American panorama. Police brutality has shot up and the deforestation in the Amazon rainforest equals 30 footaball fields per day.
In the middle of this chaos, the Rede Globo broadcasts the Brazil's most glorious football matches since the 70s, to recall (or perhaps to distract towards) the patriotic sentiments of the population. Like the expression of the most selective memory whose images would be capable of extracting people from the present-time. 
Since this mess is likely to last, let's broadcast it since the 70s. There are victories recorded. And yes, you will always make time to see your team winning. At least winning a football match.
Bogotá, May 2020.
Bogotá, May 2020.
Quito, Ecuador, May 2020.
If this pandemic is a war.  It is against the poor.
Miraflores Market, Lima, Peru. May 2020.
Morro da Babilônia,Rio de Janeiro, May 2020.
Morro da Providência, Rio de Janeiro, May 2020.
Managua, Nicaragua, May 2020.

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